“Delivering advice, support and activities to businesses,
communities and schools around Climate Change Action.”

We address issues around climate change and the environment in the North East of England and provide practical solutions and actions for local groups, communities, schools and businesses in the region.

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Climate Action North is run by Sharon Lashley and Jennifer Clair Robson. We’ve worked independently on a wide variety of climate change issues, each for over a decade, and decided to pool our knowledge and experience to take action and drive change.

Our projects for action on the climate crisis, climate emergency and the environment in the North of England include: Pollinator Parks, rewilding advice and events, litter picking and beach cleans and working with businesses in the context of the climate emergency.

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Today we need to act.


Sharon Lashley

Sharon is our Managing Director. She is an environmental practitioner with over 20 years’ experience working with businesses, communities and schools to improve green credentials. Her background working in climate change began in early 2000 whilst working for a plastic packaging factory managing the ISO 14001 Environmental standard and since then she has continually worked to help businesses and communities access knowledge and support to combat climate change.

Jennifer Clair Robson

Jen is our PR and Content Director. Her background working on climate change began over a decade ago and she’s demonstrated significant achievements as a writing professional with notable experience working strategically and practically to address issues around climate change. She has a deep insight into the complexities involved when communicating the issues around climate change and has a Masters in PR where she examined how digital communications  is used when seeking to change behaviours and ‘hearts and minds’.