“Delivering advice, support and activities to businesses,
communities and schools around Climate Change Action.”

We address issues around climate change and the environment in the North East of England and provide practical solutions and actions for local groups, communities, schools and businesses in the region.

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Love wine, beer and bread? Then respect the wasp.

The next time you take a sip of your favourite wine, beer alongside a crusty bread roll, you might want to make a toast to wasps. Why? Because quite simply, they are responsible for the yeast we use to make wine, beer and bread. Research* has shown that wasps and...

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A visit by Planet Pod

We recently hosted Planet Pod who work hard to bring the stories and news behind the headlines from the people who are making positive things happen. Host Presenter & Co-Founder, Amanda Carpenter, joined us to visit three very different world-leading projects focusing...

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Rewilding – a solution for climate change?

Rewilding will be discussed and explored to celebrate the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) World Environment Day on 5 June 2019 at a rewilding conference in Gateshead. Rewilding – a solution for climate change, hosted by Climate Action North East and...

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School pupils find their green hearts

Green Heart, an initiative by Climate Action North East, has been launched with the aim to spread awareness about environment issues among school pupils. The first school to take part was Whalton Church of England Primary School based in Northumberland. The Green...

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Meet the rewilding sponsors!

We are excited to introduce the sponsors for our Rewilding The Future conference with Chris Packham – so here they are – everyone “Meet the Sponsors”. MAIN EVENT SPONSOR – Resilient Business Systems. “You run your business – we look after I.T!”  Resilient Business...

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Three rewilding hacks

Nature knows best when it comes to survival and self-governance. When nature is healthy, we are healthier too. After all, we rely on the natural world for air, food and water. There is a growing realisation that connecting with wild nature makes us feel good and keeps...

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Businesses to take a walk on the Rewilding side!

Businesses in the North East are preparing to welcome leading naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham to discuss rewilding at a conference on 18 September. Delegates will hear about the latest thinking in rewilding and nature conservation, the principle of...

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Go Plastic Free July

By Sharon Lashley PIEMA,DipRSA This afternoon I decided to set myself a single use plastic challenge in advance of my annual sign up to the Marine Conservation Society #GoPlasticFree July campaign. Having been actively working at being "single use plastic free" for...

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Plastic pollution, what’s the solution?

Plastic pollution, what’s the solution? We held a conference addressing plastic pollution is to be held in Sunderland as part of World Environment Day on 5 June. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats we face, and the event aims to...

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