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Knowledge is power and we believe it should be available to everyone to inspire and drive practical action to address the climate crisis.

Just in…

Planning ahead! World Environment Day 2020 is on 5 June and we’re planning an exciting event covering green business for one planet. More details will be released as we confirm them.

Climate crisis for the construction industry. In partnership with Constructing Excellence North East, we held a conference to discuss the current climate crisis issues and what it means for the construction sector.The presentations from Sharon Lashley of Climate Action North, Dr Phoebe Carter of Habitat First, Zoe Webb of Arup, Stuart Duckett representing BEEARC, Peter Stark Climate Project Lead for VONNE, and Stephen Mcdonald of Durham County Council were excellent and contained helpful insights on issues and solutions for the construction sector regarding the climate emergency.

Elephant Ball. We’ve been supporting the Mahouts Elephant Foundation for the past 18 months and it was a delight to attend their second fundraising ball. Organised by JDM Earth and held at the fantastic Whinstone View, the evening was hugely successful and welcomed Sarah Blaine who travelled from Qatar to talk about the amazing work of the foundation that works tirelessly to improve the lives of Asian Elephants.

Protecting business in the current climate. Today’s business environment is characterised by rapid, unpredictable change. We must be responsive and resilient to maintain a strong competitive advantage no matter the risks; protect the bottom line and ensure we can continue to operate as usual in the face of potential disruption. We’re developing a Business Action Toolkit to help businesses do just that. Interested? Get in touch with us to register your interest.

Flight of the Osprey. We’re volunteering our time for this incredibly exciting conservation expedition with Conservation Without Borders, which takes place next August to investigate the threats to the osprey and what we can all do to help this magnificent bird make a comeback. Sacha Dench, the first woman to cross the Channel in a motorised paraglider for Flight of the Swans, will fly circa. 10000 km over 15 countries on the migratory route with the Osprey. If you’d like to support the charity, follow them on social media, check out their new clothing range and do some shopping!  


Do you love wine, beer and bread? Then respect the wasp! The next time you take a sip of your favourite wine, beer alongside a crusty bread roll, you might want to make a toast to wasps. Why? Because simply, they’re responsible for the yeast we use to make wine, beer and bread. Learn more.

The only cure for climate anxiety is action! If you’ve been experiencing mounting anxiety about the climate crisis, you’re not alone. ‘Ecoanxiety’ and ‘ecological grief’ are just two terms that have been coined to describe what you’re feeling. If you’re feeling hopeless about what others are, or aren’t, doing to address climate change, doing something yourself can feel super-empowering. Read more.

So why not get involved?

Our action-oriented initiatives and projects bring about real and lasting change. They include: Pollinator Parks, rewilding the North’s business parks and other areas, supporting businesses and communities in the context of the climate emergency, Green Heart where we work with schools and students, and a wide range of events addressing the climate crisis, rewilding and plastic pollution, plus litter picks and beach cleans.  

What are you doing to make a difference? Get in touch with us to register your interest via and 

The time for talking is over. Today we need to act.