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Knowledge is power and we believe it should be available to everyone to inspire and drive practical action to address the climate crisis.

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The decade of change is coming so let’s work together! If your CSR strategy is aligned to our action-led projects and events addressing the climate crisis, there will be exciting opportunities to work together at a more strategic level.

Sponsorship is a fantastic way to support Climate Action North’s work while achieving your own CSR commitments and generating great brand awareness amongst your customers and our supporters.

We hold major events, including conferences and educational workshops that senior level, influential audiences attend, and our action-oriented initiatives projects all bring about real and lasting change. Your involvement will enhance your brand; build your reputation as a socially responsible company; build rapport with your target audience and reach potential new audiences.

Speak to us if you think there is shared synergy in our purposes that means we should look to team up.

Wild Willow Workshops. These workshops, delivered by Ruth Thompson of Sylvan Skills, provides participants to spend a few hours making willow stars, trees, wreaths and other items to promote wellbeing in a relaxing and creative way with lots of learning and using traditional skills. We’ve received excellent feedback so if you’re interested get in touch with us to register your interest for future workshops.

Happy birthday Sunti! As part of our support for the Mahouts Elephant Foundation, we’ve been a long-term sponsor of Sunti who has just turned four!

Sunti was born in the forest on 28 November 2015 and is one of the lucky ones having never known life outside of his forest home. Growing up in the forest with his elephant family around him, he has gained vital foraging knowledge that he’s learnt from his mother and the rest of the herd. This lifestyle has allowed him to develop into a strong and confident young bull.

Sunti’s name in Thai means peace; and it’s our dream that his life will always be filled with peace.


How the great outdoors can unlock a healthier mind. The climate crisis is the most monumental emergency humanity has ever faced. As we witness the chaos unfolding, many of us are feeling profound anxiety and grief. While it can seem too overwhelming to bear, it’s important to note that it’s entirely normal to feel anxious about the gravity of the situation; in fact, it’d be strange not to worry! We need to build our strength and carry on, and this is where ecotherapy can help. Read more.

Take action to face climate anxiety. If you’ve been experiencing mounting anxiety about the climate crisis, you’re not alone. ‘Ecoanxiety’ and ‘ecological grief’ are just two terms that have been coined to describe what you’re feeling. If you’re feeling hopeless about what others are, or aren’t, doing to address climate change, doing something yourself can feel super-empowering. Read more.

Addressing the climate crisis is YOUR business responsibility. Ultimately you must act as the worsening climate crisis risks upsetting the entire economic system of which we are part. But it’s important to ensure the issue isn’t trivialised by making a thoughtless declaration. It’s fundamental that your declaration, that it’s backed up by real, truthful and accountable actions. Read more.

So why not get involved? What are you doing to make a difference? Get in touch with us to register your interest via and 

The time for talking is over. Today we need to act.