Every year on the last Wednesday of May, here at Climate Action North we celebrate World Otter Day with our friends at the International Otter Survival Fund (ISOF).

It’s a day of celebration established by IOSF to join together people who care for otters and their conservation worldwide.

World Otter Day started with a series of events including an Otterly Mad Week of educational activities, followed by an International Otter Awareness Day, then evolving into what we all know and love as today’s World Otter Day.

In attending today’s webinar we’re delighted to support IOSF World Otter Day, celebrating Otters of the World. World Otter Day has been something we’ve celebrated since we set up our community interest company way back in 2017. In addition to being able to donate to the IOSF Otter Hospital fundraiser today we’re also thrilled to be able to announce that a percentage of proceeds from the sale of our “Otterly Amazing” Otter T Shirts on our merchandise site are donated to IOSF.

As well as being amazing creatures, Otters are also really good environmental indicators as they need good and unpolluted water quality and natural land habitat to not only survive but thrive – we’re looking forward to continuing our work with IOSF and signing up to their #TeamOtter project.

Ben Yoxon, IOSF’s Education Officer, said: “IOSF is based on the Isle of Skye but when you look at the map it is amazing how many people worldwide are joining in World Otter Day, especially when things are so hard for everyone just now with the virus.

“We are so grateful for everyone who is taking part to share the word about otters and how important it is to conserve them. They are an ambassador to a healthy environment which is important to all species, including our own. Sometimes we may feel we are working on our own but we everyone joining together like this we can help to save the world’s otters.”

Donate to the IOSF Hospital Fund.

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