Here at Climate Action North, we work tirelessly to drive the necessary changes to halt the dual climate and biodiversity crisis by taking direct action. Failure is not an option.

Our Climate Action North vision is very much focused on “The time for talking is over, today we need to act” and we’re asking for as many people as possible to join us in mobilising climate action and specifically around taking steps to make the lifestyle changes we so desperately need to fight the climate crisis. After all, if the 7.6 billion people on the planet all made “one small change” then this, alongside much bigger global changes, would be a positive start to stabilising the fragile environment we love so dearly and need to sustain life on earth. 

Our manifesto focusses on delivering and championing the following:

Rewilding and nature-based solutions.

Nature is our best ally and nature-based solutions are a fundamental part of action for climate and biodiversity. Underpinning Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they value harmony between people and nature, restoring green and wild spaces.

Rewilding is a significant part of this solution and our Pollinator Parks (Rewilding the North’s Business Parks) and Global Wilders projects offer manageable, engaging, and effective ways to take practical action.  We want to:

  • Create Pollinator Parks® in business parks across the North and wider regions, expanding areas for pollinators, creating wildlife corridors and wellbeing sites for employees – building on the 30/30 target of organisations such as Rewilding Britain and Wildlife Trust, we’d like to see 30 percent of business parks rewilded by 2030.
  • As we continue to work with business and retail parks across the North and wider regions, we want to see a joined-up approach to habitat creation, wildlife mini-meadows, and pollinator friendly areas created to help the growing need to support pollinators and other wildlife as well as providing tangible climate and nature-based solutions.

Tried and tested clean technologies.

Through our projects and networks, we champion the use of tried and tested technologies that have proven potential for widespread roll out, increasing our resilience, and moving us closer to net zero. These technologies include: solar PV; LED lighting; air and ground source heating; battery storage; and rainwater harvesting.

Through our Business Action Toolkit we want to:

  • Work with 1,200 businesses each year to help them assess their resilience to the changing climate, identify ways to improve their business efficiency, get on track to transition to a green future, and make simple changes through climate and nature-based solutions to help achieve their net zero and climate emergency targets.
  • The Toolkit will signpost to further support, information and training, and will also help a number of associates in the network to grow their new business creation and assist in green recovery plans.

Eliminating plastics.  

We advocate the elimination of single use plastics through training and awareness activities working with schools and other organisations and through advisory events, litter picks, and beach cleans. Through our Wear and Tees Action for Rivers (WATAR) initiative, we also focus on clean-up activities on the beach, on the water, on mudflats, and on rocks where all plastic collected will be repurposed and reprocessed, supporting the circular economy.

Inclusivity and collaboration.  

No one can tackle climate change alone and no one must be left behind. Our range of informative events, conferences and training all aim to spotlight and share ideas to tack climate action that can easily be applied in everyday life.

Our Green Recovery Action Network (GRAN) centre-stages climate action and currently comprises over 70 members who support each other to generate sustainable and innovative ideas and take positive action to tackle the challenges the climate and ecological crisis brings.

As lead coordinators for the Rewilding Network in the North of England, we coordinate rewilding efforts and connect projects across the region acting as a supportive community where people can learn about what rewilding is happening in the UK, how to get involved with local groups, and promote practical action.

Declaring a climate emergency.

Along with businesses, organisations, and governments around the world we have declared a climate emergency and work to this agenda every single day. Our work contributes to many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in particular SDG’s 3, 7, 11, 12 14, 15 and of course SDG 13 Climate Action which helps drive our daily projects.

We encourage and support all organisations to join this movement to address climate risk and take appropriate action.  Our Business Action Toolkit (BAT) will support 1,200 businesses each year to take the practical action they need to support their declaration, build their resilience, and take the action needed to make the real change that is so urgently needed.

Our Climate Action North pledge

Over the next 12 months we want to mobilise and inspire communities, businesses, schools and individuals to make one small change or many changes to help fight the climate and ecological crises. We will do this by:

  • Supporting local action and thinking globally, through our Global Wilders® programme using our influence, experience, and expertise to grow our network of climate champions and supporters whether it be through direct action in our projects or through other support method such online sponsorships or donations.  
  • Rewilding the North’s business parks through our Pollinator Parks® project, creating mini meadows and gardens for pollinators as well as providing much needed connectivity and green spaces for wildlife and wellbeing of communities.
  • Supporting the business community through our Business Action toolkit to commit to net zero, lowering carbon emissions, improving their business green credentials, and improving business resilience to the changing climate.
  • Investing in and supporting the clean-up of our region’s rivers and waterways through our Wear and Tees Action for Rivers (WATAR) programme working with partners, businesses and communities to eliminate and reduce plastic pollution. 
  • Continuing to drive forward our work in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and working to our own Climate Emergency Action Plan

“Our Climate Action North vision is for a greener, cleaner, nature-rich and thriving world brimming with climate hope and a sustainable future for many generations to come.”

Get in touch to support our work and get involved. Our actions now will make a difference to tomorrow.

The time for talking is over, today we need to act – join us!