June is the month when we’re encouraged to take part in the UK’s biggest nature challenge, which inspires daily random acts of wildness – from bird watching, walking barefoot on grass, to sitting beneath a tree.

The annual 30 Days Wild challenge celebrates the rich nature on our doorstep by spending a month doing something ‘wild’ every day and appreciating the natural world.

This challenge, which is organised by the Wildlife Trust, feels more relevant than ever in 2020 given the circumstances we find ourselves during the Covid-19 pandemic. It gives us even more reason to reflect on our relationship with nature, enjoy the wildlife close to our homes and embrace the solace that spending time in nature can provide.

Connecting to the natural world and the wildlife is proven to have beneficial effects to mental health. We’ve written about how the great outdoors can unlock a healthier mind here.

In fact, the feel-good factor from simple daily contact with nature can last for months, once initiated, according to a review from The Wildlife Trusts. The results show that taking part in 30 Days Wild not only significantly increases wellbeing and a heightened sense of nature, but that this sustained for a minimum of two months after the challenge ends!

And, importantly, taking part also inspires significant increases in positive behaviour toward nature, suggesting that people who feel connected to nature are more likely to protect it.

The lovely thing about the challenge is that anyone can take part. The Wildlife Trusts provide free online activity packs to help participants of all ages and locations find new, easy ways of noticing nature – even while social distancing.

Whether it’s putting food out for hedgehogs, building a bug hotel, sowing wildflowers in your garden, learning more about the natural world, or relaxing outdoors every small action can help reverse nature’s decline, and help us both mentally and physically.

To see what we’ve been doing during #30DaysWild visit our Twitter page and you can also see what how we’ve been taking advantage of nature during lockdown here.

We dare you to join us and be wild; now and for the other 364 days of the year!