This Zero Waste Week we share some tips to help reduce your waste and reliance on single use plastic.

  • Use solid shampoo and conditioner bars rather than plastic bottles.
  • Use your coffee keep cup and a reusable water bottle when out and about.
  • Visit your local refill shop for advice on how to reduce your waste. Our local store is The Little Refill Shop based in Seaham and has some great products to help make the single use plastic change easy.
  • Invest in bamboo toothbrushes rather than plastic.
  • Eat what you buy and avoid buying food you won’t use.
  • Avoid food waste from mealtimes by cooking only what you need.
  • Avoid the use of plastic cutlery by taking your own everywhere with you.
  • Think less waste is good, no waste is better.
  • Go single use plastic free.

Of course, these ideas can all be done during Zero Waste Week and every other week of the year!

Get more ideas.

Zero Waste Week helps householders, businesses, schools and community groups increase recycling, reduce landfill waste and participate in the circular economy – in alignment with European recommendations and Directives.