How the great outdoors can unlock a healthier mind

More and more people are seeking treatment for eco-anxiety, eco-grief, and the entire range of emotional distress resulting from increasing awareness of the escalating climate crisis. We’ve written about this previously.

The climate crisis is the most monumental emergency humanity has ever faced. As we witness the chaos unfolding, many of us are feeling profound anxiety and grief.

While it can seem too overwhelming to bear, it’s important to note that it’s entirely normal to feel anxious about the gravity of the situation; in fact, it’d be strange not to worry!

To be effective, we need to build our strength and carry on, and this is where ecotherapy can help.

Ecotherapy is pretty much what it sounds like encompassing activities, whether gardening, walking and exercise, or prolonged periods in wilderness. They are all united by the concept that exposure to nature will improve our wellbeing and healthy living.

Creating art in green space using the environment as inspiration and using natural materials is exactly what we’ve been doing. Our wild wellbeing workshops have received excellent feedback. 

The Wild Willow Workshops, delivered by Ruth Thompson of Sylvan Skills, provides participants to spend a few hours making willow stars, trees, wreaths and other items to promote wellbeing in a relaxing and creative way with lots of learning and using traditional skills.

Interested? Get in touch with us to register your interest for future workshops via and 

The time for talking is over. Today we need to act.