A new programme to inspire, encourage and mobilise community action during the climate emergency has been announced by Climate Action North.

Aimed at schools, communities, businesses and individuals, Global Wilders will get participants taking part in activities focused on people, places, plants, and animals – all with the aim to tackle the climate crisis, restore nature and conserve biodiversity, and support community regeneration.

Climate Action North’s Managing Director, Sharon Lashley, said: “Global Wilders will focus on rewilding community areas making them more lively, colourful healthier places for people and wildlife, such as birds, insects and animals, to use and enjoy. This will include activities such as sowing ‘pollinator-friendly’ wildflower seeds, tree planting and introducing environmentally friendly sculptures made from willow.”

Learning and training opportunities on a range of subjects including rewilding; litter and plastic pollution; energy awareness; global foot printing; and UN sustainable development goals, will also be available alongside nature walks and book wilding reading as well championing Climate Action North ongoing campaigns.

Sharon said: “We’ve been flying the rewilding flag in the North for over three years now and it has caught the attention and imagination of professionals and the public alike. Notable highlights are the conference we held that was hosted by naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham and creating a wildflower meadow to support the survival of struggling pollinating insect populations at the North East Business Innovation Centre (BIC) through our Pollinator Parks initiative.

“So many of us want to see healthy habitats for our wildlife such as birds, insects and animals, to walk and exercise in a natural environment and play our part in taking action in the climate emergency. The Global Wilders practical support will not only help repair the broken ecosystems and mobilise essential climate action but will also have a positive impact on improving our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

“This is the perfect opportunity to get out and into the world and take meaningful action, imagine a better future, and then learn how to create it.”

Climate Action North’s initiatives are supported by a wide range of businesses and groups, and corporate sponsors include AR POWER, Arktek Group, Resilient Business Systems Limited, and Stephenson-Mohl Group.

The Global Wilders programme will be officially launched at an online event in January 2021.   

For details of the programme or learn more about sponsorship opportunities please email sharon@climateactionnortheast.org.uk

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