By Sharon Lashley

Photo above: Copyright Georgy Alain, courtesy of Swift Conservation.

Climate Action North is working with retail outlet Dalton Park to install four Swift nest boxes in and around the park area, with the aim to attract nesting birds next May when they come back from Africa to breed.

As a bird very much in decline this project will be really important locally in helping to provide much needed resting places for these amazing aerial birds to rear their young, and encouraging others to do the same.

The project to install nest boxes for Swifts at Dalton Park is aptly named “Project Swift” and is a partnership between Dalton Park, Climate Action North and Durham Bird Club with support from Swift Conservation.

Sharon Lashley, MD, Climate Action North and Project Swift lead said: “Swifts spend only three months of the year in Britain, arriving in early May and leaving in early August. They spend all of their time in the air, roosting, feeding and even sleeping on the wing. Because they are totally dependent on airborne prey they are susceptible to bad weather during both their long migrations as well as during the breeding season, this makes them a bird very much affected by the changing climate and therefore a species wholly supported by us at Climate Action North”

Picture copyright: Inger Lund, Courtesy of Swift Conservation

As an organisation already familiar with Climate Action North work, Dalton Park are fully supportive of this new initiative and will become the first retail park to install Swift Boxes as part of Project Swift. Jerry Hatch, Dalton Park said “We’re delighted to be working with Sharon and her team to install the Swift nest boxes as we’re fully committed to supporting biodiversity and as we have ample space we are very happy to assist with this project and provide a safe haven for the Swifts when they return next May.”

The project has been supported by the local Durham Bird Club who have surveyed the retail park to identify suitable locations to fit the nest boxes and also involved are Swift Conservation who are supplying the nest boxes.

Durham Bird Club Conservation Officer John Olley said “This is a wonderful project and an excellent example of how businesses can rise up to help biodiversity, supporting the Swifts is such an easy action too as the boxes are really simple to install. We are looking forward to next May when hopefully the Swifts will arrive at Dalton Park”.

Edward Mayer, founder of “Swift Conservation” said: “Climate Action North has taken a great leap forward with its first Swift nest box installation at Dalton Park Retail outlet. This project is a great partnership and will, we hope, become an excellent example of Swift conservation.”

For more information on Swifts please visit the Swift Conservation website.
Businesses wishing to become involved in Project Swift can contact Sharon at

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