Paula McMahon, civil engineer and chair of Engineering Together on Teesside, explains how to think about our impact on the natural world this National Recycling Week.

These simple hints and tips can help us all contribute in meaningful ways by utilising the recycling facilities we have:

Remind yourself to recycle. If you don’t have a designated box or drawer then put items in the sink or by the door to take out next time you go to the bin. Many of our councils have made it easy for us, I know mine has, so we need to do our bit.

Know your local collection. Check out what you can recycle be at home here or on your council website.  It is believed that most people put at least one or two items into general waste by mistake.

Read the labels. Most are pretty good to see what local collection will take. Sometimes items that are not recyclable end up in the mix which can cause issues. Understand the labels here.

Share your ideas. Post pictures of the good things you do or some precious nuggets of information. Include the tag #RecycleWeek so more people can pick upon it. If you are really brave submit a one-minute brief here!

Remember recycling should only be for the things we cannot reduce or reuse. This is not only good for the planet but also your pocket – think of the money you can save!

If you love food, but hate waste look at some of the hints and tips here which includes some easy to follow recipes to use up your leftovers.

Change starts with you.  Be the change you want to see.

Paula is a part of the Climate Action Clan as she believes we need to work together on many levels to help future generations have the same opportunities we have enjoyed.

The time for talking is over, today we need to act. Join us!