As long-standing supporters of Conservation Without Borders (CWB), Climate Action North is looking forward to following the charity’s forthcoming Round Britain Climate Challenge (RBCC).

The hair-raising expedition will involve a circumnavigation of Britain in a specially adapted electric paramotor by Sacha Dench, Ambassador for the UN’s Convention on Migratory Species and Founder of CWB, also known as the Human Swan.

The 3,000-plus mile journey, which will launch on 18 June at the Glasgow Science Centre, will see Sacha travel anti-clockwise around Britain, ending back in Glasgow around six weeks later.

It is designed to inspire and excite the nation to get involved in tackling the climate crisis in the run up to COP26, and the question that the whole country is encouraged to consider is: ‘If Britain drove the Industrial Revolution, can we drive the Green Revolution too?’

Above: left to right: the electronic paromotor and Sacha Dench.
Above: left to right: the electronic paromotor and Sacha Dench.

Sacha will be landing frequently during the trip to talk with those involved in addressing the effects of climate change in their areas and, at the end of this spectacular journey, the professional footage, incredible stories, and lessons learned will be combined into a free set of resources to aid the teaching of climate change with homegrown project examples, unsung heroes, and inspiring ideas on how to help battle the climate crisis.

Climate Action North’s Managing Director, Sharon Lashley, said: “We have collaborated with Sacha for over two years now after she spoke at our rewilding conference about her Flight of the Swans expedition, which highlighted the decreasing number of swans and how she engaged with communities along her journey to understand the risks these birds face. She really is a true inspiration, and we were especially impressed that she cycled to the conference in Gateshead from Devon over the course of six days to minimise her carbon footprint.

“We are delighted to now support her in this latest quest to send a powerful and hopeful message that there are many incredible people who view the climate crisis very seriously and are taking action to do something real about it.”

An interactive education package, created by teachers for teachers, will allow students to join the expedition live from air, land and underwater and be part of breaking two new Guinness World Records; for the fastest and first paramotor flight around Britain, and the first long distance test of an electric paramotor ever attempted anywhere in the world.

The expedition and Sacha’s progress will be tracked online once the expedition starts at: