Green Heart, an initiative by Climate Action North East, has been launched with the aim to spread awareness about environment issues among school pupils.

The first school to take part was Whalton Church of England Primary School based in Northumberland.

The Green Heart initiative, through a number of projects, encourages students to learn about conservation and share their knowledge about environmental and climate change issues with the aim of making real difference to their own future and the planet as a whole.

Miss Robyn Anderson, class teacher at Whalton School, said: “The pupils participated in practical activities which looked at the water cycle; food chains; components of soil; gasses in the air; and reflection time on our ‘magic spots’; taking time to notice and appreciate the wonderful world around us.

“We strive for our pupils to be the best they can be, developing a real love for learning as they do so, which this project has certainly enhanced. The children are looking forward to using and developing their skills and help the world to become a better place.”

Corporate sponsorship was secured with JC Atkinson, an award-winning manufacturer of green, environmentally friendly coffins and caskets. Managing director, Julian Atkinson, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting such an important initiative as it is vital that children understand the importance of looking after the environment and making our region a sustainable place to live. Good luck to all the schools that get involved!”

Climate Action North East aim to work with over 20 schools across the North East of England.

Managing Director, Sharon Lashley, said: “It’s crucial that our young people realise that the future is not set in stone and that we can do something positive about it. The success at Whalton School has proven the concept and we’re now looking to start recruiting schools and corporate sponsors to the Green Heart programme.

“We’re proud to help schools, communities and businesses by delivering activities around climate change, sustainability, outdoor education, and learning. Our team are passionate experts in their field and completely driven to achieve our objectives.”

To register your interest with the Climate Change Green Heart initiative please email