A talented seven-year-old girl has designed an enamel pin badge to help in the climate crisis and has become the first Climate Action North Global Wilder.  

Loralai Murray, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has a keen interest in the environment and the climate crisis, and chose to support this by designing an Earth pin. The pin is available for sale through her mum’s online shop, MerPinz, and all proceeds will support Climate Action North’s Global Wilders initiative.

Loralai’s mum, Sarah-Lou, said: “Loralai is very conscious of what’s happening in the world and has taken a keen interest from lessons at school and watching documentaries at home about climate change. She was getting upset so I suggested we work together to raise money. She did the design, and I was able to get it turned in a pin. We launched it on the shop and I’m super excited to say we’ve sold some already!”

Climate Action North’s Managing Director, Sharon Lashley, said: “Information about the climate crisis is naturally very frightening and we need inspiration and positivity, so we were absolutely thrilled when Sarah-Lou got in touch and showed us the beautiful pin that Loralai made. We are over the moon that she wants to support our work on taking practical action in the climate emergency.

Loralai (above) has designed an enamel pin badge to help in the climate crisis and has become the first Climate Action North Global Wilder.

Sarah-Lou set up MerPinz two years ago originally designing and selling pins based around parenting then expanding the business to sell further merchandise like mugs, bags and stickers.

She said: “Each year I have supported charities with sales from certain pins. Last year I designed a Black Lives Matter pin and gave the profits to a charity who work with BAME young men. As I also work for a charity as well as running the shop and have worked with young people for over 10 years, I understand the impact fundraising can have for projects, so when Loralai wanted to fundraise for the climate crisis I was really happy to help her.”

The proceeds from the sales of the Earth pin will help “Global Wilders”, a programme from Climate Action North designed to inspire, encourage, and mobilise community action during the climate emergency. One of the many focus areas will be on rewilding community areas to make them more lively, helpful for the planet, colourful healthier places for people, wildlife such as birds, insects, and animals, to use and enjoy.

Sharon concluded: “Loralai is an absolute inspiration, is now an official ambassador for our Global Wilders programme and we have also sent her and her parents some T Shirts to help us keep spreading the word.”

The Earth Pin is available for purchase here.