Stay optimistic and carry on is the message from Climate Action North as COP26 negotiations enter their second week.

Much of the conversation during the climate summit has focussed on predictions about the future and forthcoming pledges for more decisive action, including becoming carbon neutral and net zero by the middle of the century. To succeed, dramatic policies need to be agreed and, critically, delivered.

Climate Action North’s Managing Director, Sharon Lashley, said: “Whatever the outcome of COP26, there is plenty we can all do to tackle the climate crisis. We are certainly optimistic for a positive outcome that will be delivered, but we need to consider how to respond if it doesn’t work out the way we want.

“For us, that will mean moving forward with stubborn optimism by continuing to take direct action across the North of England to drive the necessary changes to halt the climate crisis.

“Each day without taking practical climate action is a day wasted so we want as many people and businesses as possible to take action now to halt and reverse the climate crisis. Here at Climate Action North we help others to find ways to take action to make things better and avoid doing things that make it worse.”

How to take action now

  • Watch this #ClimateHope video packed with inspiring and insightful talks featuring the amazing #positive work being carried out by projects across the North of England and beyond.
  • Make one small change. This campaign provides accessible and practical ways of doing things. This can be as simple as switching to reusable cups, bottles and shopping bags, learning how to rewild your garden, driving less, walking more or even introducing solar panels, heat pumps, and other sustainable ways to heat your home.
  • Reduce your waste and reliance on single use plastic with our tips and see how to go plastic free. Do your bit by adopting rewilding principles from your own garden, yard, balcony or even a window box, check out our guide for even more simple changes you can make to your daily routines, and read our advice on keeping climate anxiety at bay.
  • Join our growing network of supporters helping to make a real difference in the fight to tackle the climate and ecological crisis. Please email to discover how sponsoring Climate Action North can drive positive action in your area while supporting your business CSR objectives.
  • Support Climate Action North work from the comfort of your desk or armchair by becoming a Patreon. There are three levels of monthly support available all with a great selection of rewards and you will also be supporting direct action and helping us to make a real difference in the fight to tackle the climate emergency and climate crisis. Become a member today.
  • Set up a Pollinator Park. Building on the 30/30 target of organisations such as Rewilding Britain and Wildlife Trust, we want to see 30 percent of business parks rewilded by 2030. Interested? Read more and get in touch.
  • Scrutinise your business resilience against climate risks and take action where needed with our Business Action Toolkit.
  • Go wild! Our Global Wilders project for schools, communities, businesses, and individuals will get you taking part in activities focused on people, places, plants, and animals – all with the aim to tackle the climate crisis, restore nature and conserve biodiversity, and support community regeneration.
  • Make a Plan A for North East nature. The Natural History Society of Northumbria is asking you to share what you feel should be the key priorities of decision-makers over the years ahead on how best to protect nature in the region. Tell them your thoughts.

Taking climate action today has never been so critical. Our actions now will make a difference to tomorrow.

The time for talking is over, today we need to act – join us!