Today, 12 August 2020, is World Elephant Day, a celebration of wild elephants all over the world.

To mark the occasion we have released the latest Let’s Talk Nature & Climate which features CEO and Co-Founder of Mahouts Elephant Foundation Sarah Blaine.

We have been supporting the Foundation for over two years. The UK registered charity works tirelessly to improve and protect the lives of Asian Elephants and was founded by the Blaine family Sarah, Felix, Joe and Natasha, after they saw the plight of the elephants and the dreadful condition of the elephant tourism industry and camps in Thailand.

They knew they had to take action, so they did.

This year, World Elephant Day is particularly important for us as it’s celebrating the elephant that we sponsor – Mur Lah.

Mur Lah.

She is the newest member of the “Living in the Forests with Elephants (LIFE)” a project run by the Foundation and when translated from the Karen language her name means Hope; perfect as a Climate Action North ambassador and mascot for the work we do all day every day. 

Sarah describes her as “an incredibly strong young elephant; at only three days old she was already following her mum Mokijue through the mountainous forest terrain. Now she happily spends her days alongside her family, learning about her forest surroundings and picking up the skills she needs to survive in the forest.”

Mur Lah shares the forest with her father, a wild bull that roams the forest throughout different times of the year and her mother Mokijue who can also be sponsored as part of the LIFE project.

Sharon and Jen currently sponsor Mur Lah with our very good friend and colleague Anna Lisa Mills and we are delighted to also welcome Julie Harrison into our sponsorship family.  

Sharon said: “Here at Climate Action North we are very proud to sponsor Mur Lah and support the incredibly important work of Sarah and her team at Mahouts Elephant Foundation. We are looking forward to watching her continue to grow and, more importantly, enjoy her life in a safe and beautiful forest environment – exactly as it should be”. 

Find out more about the Mahouts Elephant Foundation.